Jonas Ranstam's website

  ORCID:   0000-0002-8287-7273

Jonas Ranstam BSc PhD is a former professor of medical statistics at Lund University, Sweden, and an internationally active medical statistical consultant with an extensive experience from collaboration in epidemiological studies and randomised trials. He has for several years had a special interest in statistical reviewing, clinical trials, and chronic disease epidemiology and was the overall winner of the Sentinels of Science Awards 2016.

Dr Ranstam continues to review manuscripts and grant applications but is mainly interested in the evaluation of evidence, scrutinising the empirical support for quantitative scientific findings and the limitations imposed upon these findings by the operational research question, the specific study design, the data collection, and the statistical analysis. He generally declines to evaluate qualitative studies, case reports, and the presentations of hypotheses, speculations, and other opinions.