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These programming scripts have initially been developed for Jonas Ranstam's personal usage but are available for download. Most of the programs have been developed in a Linux environment and may need to be adapted to other operating system. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

PHP commandline
Stata ado

Validation of sqlite.ado

. use "", clear
(Life expectancy, 1998)
. save "lifeexp.dta", replace
file lifeexp.dta saved
. sqlite export lifeexp.db lifeexp
(note: file temp.csv not found)
file temp.csv saved
. clear
. sqlite import lifeexp.db "SELECT * FROM lifeexp;"
(6 vars, 68 obs)
. cf _all using "lifeexp.dta", all verbose
          region:  match
         country:  match
       popgrowth:  match
            lexp:  match
           gnppc:  match
       safewater:  match

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