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Mdas AB

Mdas AB is a Swedish limited company founded and directed by Jonas Ranstam and providing medical statistical expertise worldwide.


E-mail: Visits: Mdas AB, Rotfruktsgatan 12B, SE21754 Ystad, Sweden.

File uploads

Files can be securely uploaded direct to a file server in the Mdas office in Ystad, Sweden, using File Request. A personal and time limited link to this service can be provided by Mdas AB.

Company information

Formal name;   Mdas AB
Registration No.:   556678-3782
Registered office:   Lund, Sweden
VAT No.:   SE556678378201
EORI No.:   SE5566783782
GLN:   7300009063000
Bank giro:   5663-7218
Invoicing:   PS Inkasso & Juridik AB
Accounting:   CLR AB

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